sábado, 13 de noviembre de 2010

Midnight sun

>> The sun is still shining.
There are times when you think you won't ever see it anymore.
When you are in the darkness and it seems to be no escape, no way out.
The sun, if it still exists, is hidden. Very well hidden.
There's just blackness, everything is just a shadow,
non- defined figures.
You feel hopeless, you can't find your place in this world, because there's no light, no bright that can show you the right way to follow.
And then he came.
All the darkness was gone.
All the lightness arrived.
You can see the way, you feel complete,
a new person. All around you is happiness, joy.
And everything because the sun has come again and seems to never go away.
The light has come back to you. >>

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